Neuro Spine

Neuro- and spine surgery expertise at AMG

Athens Medical Group is a leader in the field of neuro and spinal surgery with a long history of innovations, such as the first successful intracranial bypass of a rare aneurysm in the world, providing a legacy of excellence in neurosurgical expertise and patient care.

Neurosurgeons and spine surgeons at Athens Medical Group are renowned for their experience performing a great number of complex surgical operations every year. They are treating even the rarest and most complex neurological and spine condition applying the latest innovations, treatments and procedures, including minimally invasive surgery, stereotactic radiosurgery and computer assisted brain surgery.

At Athens Medical Group we look for the best solution to your problems with special emphasis given to safety and minimization of complications risk. Our team of highly qualified neuro and spine surgeons specialize in the treatment of brain tumors, neurovascular conditions, spinal disorders, functional disorders and pediatric conditions.

Their collective experience extends to many thousands of major neurosurgical and spine surgery procedures, allowing them to deliver outstanding care for the full spectrum of neurosurgical disorders and conditions with very high levels of success.