Emergency Medical Services

An emergency medical line,11155, answered by highly experienced personnel, 24/7

To ensure all departments involved with international patients are coordinated efficiently (nursing dept, accounting dept., admissions office, commercial dept., international patient department).

24/7 ambulatory services (EMS)

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) offering 24/7 urgent medical assistance and patient transportation. Our fleet consists of ultra-modern intensive care ambulances, equipped for severe cases. EMS is the only ISO 9001:2015 certified service of its kind in Greece.

Air transport

Collaboration with major international insurance & assistance companies

Τhe effectiveness of the procedures is very important and all necessary documentation is forwarded on time, upon patient’s written consent. From the beginning until the end of hospitalization, we provide the Insurance / Assistance companies with all necessary medical information concerning the patient’s status (medical history, diagnostic tests, exam results, treatment plan, post-discharge instructions and medications).

For medical emergencies during your stay in Greece