International Patients

International Patients

Medical Tourism constitutes a strategic priority for Athens Medical Group, since more than 8,500 inpatients and more than 27,000 outpatients are treated every year, some in collaboration with major International Insurance/Assistance companies.

AMG’s International Patient Center (IPC) is exemplarily organized, manned with highly experienced and multilingual personnel, constantly striving for excellence, boasting support and complimentary 24/7 VIP services to International patients.

Our IPC offers high quality patient centered healthcare services to:

  • International patients who choose AMG hospitals for their best medical  treatment
  • Travelers visiting Greece, in need of any emergency and non-emergency medical assistance
  • Expatriates
  • Cruise & Maritime industry patients

International Patient Center Services

  • Pre-arrival, arrival, hospitalization & aftercare services
  • Complimentary personal VIP support, 24/7
  • Medical history assessment– Second Medical Opinion free of charge
  • Fast lane pass to all medical services and procedures
  • Complete concierge service (transportation, translation, family arrangements, visa, etc.)
  • Medical record, for international patients, issued in English (test results, medical reports, imaging films etc.)
  • Competitive prices

Our guests and future patients usually contact International Patients Department (IPD) via e-mail, phone call or an onsite visit, in order to acquire the necessary information.

  • As soon as we receive an email or phone call, a quick response is guaranteed within 24-36 hours.
  • A Personal Assistant (PA) is assigned to every patient. They manage the medical record information and perform all necessary communication in order to properly gather all medical data.
  • The Case Management begins as soon as the medical file is examined by the Coordinating Scientific Team of IPD, which consists of the Hospital’s Scientific Director, IPD’s Coordinator Doctor and the Nursing Director.
  • Attending Physicians are chosen based on the criteria which have been set for each patient and they undertake the case, examine all available data and finally, they recommend the indicated diagnostic and/or treatment plan.
  • Personal Assistants in charge prepare the patient’s medical record which will include: a) the Medical Information document b) the Financial Information document c) the detailed Clinical Pathway, with a day-to-day description of the treatment plan d) IPD’s Handbook e) the Head Doctor’s CV.
  • The complete information is sent to the patient and the Personal Assistant contacts them, in order to discuss and arrange all important details, such as the patient’s and the doctor’s availability on common suitable dates, a possible timetable, visa processing and advisory, if needed, and travel & accommodation arrangements.

The date is set and your Personal Assistant has already organized everything prior to your arrival. We look forward to welcoming you to European Interbalkan Medical Center!

The day of your admission has arrived! You are about to receive treatment at one of the leading hospitals in Europe. We look forward to welcoming you to European Interbalkan Medical Center (EIMC)!
The following steps will be organized in detail for your admission:

  • Upon arrival to EIMC, your dedicated Personal Assistant (PA), who speaks your language, will welcome and accompany you throughout all the steps of the admission procedure.
  • Afterwards, you will be guided to the Admissions Office, where you will be registered, your medical file will be created, your personal details will be classified and you will be requested to sign all necessary Consent Forms, in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). At this point, we shall need your passport and your up-to-now medical file.
  • Based on our transparency standards and in case you have paid in advance, you are kindly requested to have the proof of payment for your treatment with you. In any other case, the PA will accompany you to the Cashier/Accounts Dpt, so as all financial necessities are taken care of.
  • You are now ready to proceed with your blood exams and/or clinical examinations and/or imaging tests and/or other medical procedures, before undergoing the main medical treatment you have been recommended to receive.
  • All the above-mentioned medical exams and procedures have already been scheduled by your PA and will take place according to the Appointment letter, unless stated otherwise.
  • Your PA will also accompany you to your visit with your Attending Physician, who will provide you with all the important information about the treatment to be followed. Kindly inform your Physician and nurses about any known food or drug allergies or if you have ever had a bad reaction to any food, medication or material (eg. latex, bandage etc). As long as you are hospitalized, your Physician needs to be informed about the medication you might be on.
  • As a patient, you can contribute to your safety by being up-to-date and by actively participating in your care. You are kindly requested to sign a consent form before surgery or before any medical procedure or treatment. Read it carefully and make sure it includes your correct personal information, as well as the type of intervention/procedure you are about to undergo.

After the Admission Procedure is completed, you will be guided to your room, so that you can relax and rest, knowing your PA will be next to you every step of the way during your hospitalization. We are here to answer all your questions and make you feel at home. YOU are our guest and your Personal Assistant is always here for YOU. Welcome!

Discharge day is here! You have received your medical treatment and you are ready to return home! Our services do not stop here but let us give you an insight, concerning your discharge process, so that you familiarize yourself with our procedure:

  • As soon as you meet the discharge criteria, following the completion of your medical treatment, you will be informed by your PA and your Attending Physician that you can be discharged.
  • One day before discharge, your Attending Physician will give you instructions and thoroughly explain to you the steps to be followed when at home. Your PA will be with you in order to facilitate communication and ensure everything is well understood and all your questions have been answered.
  • Additionally, you will receive written “Post Operative/Treatment Instructions”, which will include details concerning e.g. care of the wound dressings, medication, rehabilitation exercises, restrictions you should take into consideration and whether or not you will need special care, assistance or equipment following your treatment.
  • On your discharge day, your PA will gather all medical data and hand them over to you in English, either as a hard copy booklet or/ electronically (after signing a consent form). More precisely, you will receive:
    a) Your detailed Information / Discharge Note b) All blood exam results c) Medical Reports and CDs of diagnostic exams (e.g. U/S, MRI, CT) d) Medical prescription e) Special diet instructions (if needed) f) Fit to Travel documents (if needed)
  • Furthermore, before leaving EIMC, your dedicated PA will have informed you about a follow up visit, either at EIMC or in your home country with your local doctor.
  • Once you return home, your PA will contact you within 48-72 hours with a follow up phone call, to check your general health condition and assist you with any questions.
  • A free of charge Skype or phone consultation with your Attending Physician will follow, should you wish to do so.
  • It is important for us to underline that your PA is at your disposal even after discharge. Therefore, you will be given all necessary information (full name, phone number, email) so that you contact them, whenever needed. Additional ways of communication with all International Patient Department personnel will be provided, as well as an emergency number, 11155, which is available to contact 24/7 (local line).
  • After discharge, keep an up-to-date list of the medication you take. Your list should include all prescribed and non-prescribed medication as well as information on how you take it (e.g. orally, combined or not with food, etc.).
  • On discharge day, your PA will contact your Hotel – on your consent – to share all the information needed concerning your after treatment special needs.
  • On the last day of your hospitalization, you will be asked to fill in the form “Your opinion counts”. As your opinion is valuable for our continuous improvement, kindly take some time to fill it in. At Athens Medical Group, we consider it very important to reward our employees’ efforts, so if a member of your healthcare was particularly helpful or made your hospitalization more comfortable, it would be great to know!

We hope we have made you feel at home.

We trust that you will go back home satisfied and healthy.

We assure you that we will be by your side whenever you need us.

Wishing you good health!