Port Health Services

Port Health Services

Athens Medical Group (AMG)  has created the first coordinating point of medical services, “Port Health Services” in Piraeus Port in order to provide medical care.

Port Health Services by AMG serves passengers and crews of ships, as well as employees who work in Piraeus Port Authority, companies AMG has been collaborating with for years, such as shipping companies, cruise shipping companies, shipping agents, insurance & assistance companies.

Furthermore, Port Health Services is able to attend to employees of all shipping and other companies operating in the wider area of Akti Miaouli.

Port Health Services provides complete, thorough and efficient case management, coordinating all cases from a simple laboratory outpatient test control up to an emergency situation requiring medical treatment in Maritime Clinic by AMG.

For this purpose, it owns two patient transportation vehicles from the Port to the Maritime Clinic, an ambulance and a private car.

Available services: 

  • Medical advisory services
  • Coordination for Emergency cases
  • Coordination for Covid testing services
  • Information and Coordination for services of Primary and Secondary care
  • Medical tests and Seafarers’ medical certificates (PEME, REME, periodic)
  • Interpretation and translation services
  • Transportation to Maritime Clinic in an ambulance or private car.


Port Health Services constitutes a comprehensive added value for Piraeus Port, under the aegis of leading Athens Medical Group.