Strategic partnership between Bioiatriki Group and the Athens Medical Group

Strategic partnership between Bioiatriki Group and the Athens Medical Group


Athens, 2 November 2021 - Bioiatriki Group and Athens Medical Group, two Greek Groups of companies, both leaders in their sectors, have signed a strategic partnership memorandum aimed at providing Greek citizens with innovative, comprehensive, quality and affordable health services across the whole spectrum of primary and secondary care.

The two sides have set up a Joint Working Group to examine the current activities of the Groups and identify possible points of cooperation that will allow them to develop and jointly offer new services.

The main pillars of the strategic partnership are:

  1. Establish a network of primary and secondary care targeted at large populations.
  2. Form a partnership to foster synergies with insurance companies for the creation of new health insurance plans that will ensure a wider network and more attractive products for the consumer.
  3. Develop and create new innovative products, such as telemedicine, with the use of advanced technologies, i.e. Metaverse.
  4. Cooperate in creating a single electronic platform for patients’ electronic health records.
  5. Cooperate in the training of medical, paramedical and nursing staff, organize training seminars, events and international medical conferences.

Finally, economies of scale will be sought to help structure the operating costs of the two groups.

After the signing of the Strategic Partnership Memorandum, Dr. Vassilis Apostolopoulos, CEO of the Athens Medical Group, stated:

"Our country is entering a new era, and Greece 2.0 needs Greek Health 2.0. As historic leaders in the sector, and with an eye to the future, we shall use our valuable experience to contribute to the development of new integrated, innovative and digitized health services, for the benefit of the Greek citizen and patient, in the field of prevention and treatment, but also well-being and longevity.”

In his turn, the President and CEO of the Bioiatriki Group, Mr George Ef. Spanos said:

"It is the first time that a leader in private-sector primary health care and a leader in private-sector hospital care, team up to achieve a major common goal: a holistic approach to health, from step one, prevention, to reliable diagnosis and specialized treatment. We are moving forward hand-in-hand for the benefit of every single patient."


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