Athens Medical Group Offers One of its Five Hospitals in Attica to the Ministry of Health in Support of the National Effort Against COVID-19

Athens Medical Group Offers One of its Five Hospitals in Attica to the Ministry of Health in Support of the National Effort Against COVID-19

Athens, March 30, 2020 – Athens Medical Group, driven by a deep sense of responsibility and patriotic calling, in response to the crucial national effort to address the coronavirus pandemic, offered one of its five hospitals in Athens, the Athens Medical Centre Peristeri Clinic, to the Ministry of Health, with immediate effect, to support the National Health System.

This offer, which has already been formally accepted by the Prime Minister and the Health Minister, will run throughout the 3-month period that is considered crucial for the containment of the health crisis, namely from 30.03 to 01.06.06. The offer will contribute to the efforts of the National Health System (ESY) to combat COVID-19, freeing hospital beds and resources in the dedicated hospitals of reference for the treatment of COVID patients.

Athens Medical Centre Peristeri Clinic is offered with all its manpower and in full operational readiness. The clinic’s private patients will be allocated to the other four Athens Medical Group clinics in the region.

One of the most modern private medical hospitals of Athens, Athens Medical Centre Peristeri clinic has a capacity of 60 hospital beds, as well as 6 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds and 4 surgical rooms, and is equipped with the latest biomedical technology. It combines state-of-the-art facilities and medical infrastructure, and outstanding medical expertise, benefiting from its network of leading medical practitioners of all specialties. The clinic is certified as per ISΟ 9001:2005 quality standards. It employs 203 highly qualified full-time staff and cooperates with over 200 distinguished doctors.

The value of this contribution is placed at €3 million and is part of Athens Medical Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility - an offer to Greece and the Greek people.

The Vice-Chairman of Athens Medical Group, Christo Apostolopoulos, highlighted that “Athens Medical Group, 36 years now, has always been on the side of the Greek society, next to vulnerable groups and those in need. Today, as our country is being vigorously tested, we consider it our responsibility to contribute decisively to the national effort.”

Dr. Vassili Apostolopoulos, the Group’s CEO added: “As the leading private healthcare provider in Greece and the only remaining Health Group in the country belonging to Greek Interests, we are standing by our fellow citizens and the Greek state, in line with the timeless principles and values of our Group, imbued from the very start by our founder, George Apostolopoulos”.