An important International Medical Leadership and Innovation Conference by Athens Medical Group

An important International Medical Leadership and Innovation Conference by Athens Medical Group

Athens Medical Group organizes a conference entitled "Athens Medical Leadership and Innovation Conference (AMLI)», on the occasion of its 32nd anniversary.

The Conference will be held at the Athens Concert Hall, from 23 to 25 September, under the guidance of a 34-member scientific committee, where more than 150 distinguished speakers will present the medical innovations already applied at the Group's Hospitals in Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as the recent developments in important medical fields, such as Oncology, Robotic Surgery, Orthopeadics, Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Neurology, and Neurosurgery, InternalPathology, Aesthetic Medicine, Gynaecology and Peadiatrics. The Group will also introduce its new partnership with the Yale University.

"In the last 32 years, Athens Medical Group has been steadily and strategically investing in scientific excellence and cutting-edge technology, in order to constantly upgrade the quality of the health care services it provides.  Our answer to the crisis is further investments, new jobs and emphasis on innovation. Indicatively, in the period 2010-2015, our investments in new equipment and new specialized departments, some of which are unique in Greece, have reached 31 million euros. In this way and by applying concerted efforts to promote Greece as a top Medical Tourism destination, we have contributed to developing Greek economy", said Dr. Vassilis Apostolopoulos, CEO of Athens Medical Group.

As emphasized by the President of the Organizing Committee of AMLI, Christodoulos Stephanidis, Professor of Cardiology at the University of Athens and at the Yale School of Medicine, Director of Athens Heart Center in Athens Medical Center: "Regarding cardiac arrhythmias, we will present results on the treatment of atrial fibrillation with Cryopexia from our clinic, which has the biggest series of patients in Greece. We will also present results on an innovative technique for the implantation of a new type of micra pacemakers without electrodes and on the implantation of a new type of defibrillator.  Similarly, regarding vulvular heart disease, we will show new transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) methods and new treatments of congenital diseases, while in the field of heart surgery we will reveal data from the biggest series of patients in Greece, who have undergone beating heart bypass surgery in Athens Medical Center.  Finally, it's the first time ever that preliminary research data will be presented about a new type of mechanical circulation assist device, which is not powered by an external source but by the patient's respiratory system. The research is currently conducted at the Athens Medical Center".

As regards the pioneering surgical operations performed by the Robotic Surgery team with great success, Konstantinos Konstantinidis, Adjunct Professor of Surgery at the Ohio State University, Professor Konstantinos Konstantinidis, Scientific Director and Director of General, Bariatric, Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery Clinic of Athens Medical Center, stressed: "Single site robotic cholocystectomy in a pregnant woman at her 31 weeks of gestation is one of the surgeries we applied and the first ever to be performed during this stage of pregnancy. We will also refer to robotic surgery for gastroesophageal reflux disease and hiatal hernia, which is a perfect solution for chronic disease.  Great emphasis will be given to robotic surgery for benign and malignant tumours of the stomach or the small and large intestines, and robotic surgery for inguinal hernia and "athlete's hernia" (athletic pubalgia), two techniques that our team has applied for the first time internationally. Robotic surgery is bloodless, generally painless, offers quick recovery, does not cause adhesions and uses aerospace technology, which minimizes complications".

Dr. Nikolaos Mpontozoglou, Director of the MRI-CT Department of Athens Medical Center, explained: "The Athens Medical Center was the first to acquire a CT-scan in Greece and it will also soon install the first multi-section MRI. The combination of advanced technology with top scientific knowhow resulted in the first ever clinical application of groundbreaking methods in Greece, such as CT colonography, which can replace colonoscopy, MR enteroclysis and bloodless angiography.  The Athens Medical Center was one of the first centers in the world to apply coronary CT angiography, while it is also a pioneer in preventive diagnostic tests, such as rapid breast MRI, prostate MRI and low-dose chest CT for early breast cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer screening to allow eventual healing".

Dr. Pantelis Nikolaou, Director of the Orthopaedic Surgery Department - Sports Medicine at Athens Medical Center, noted: "Over the past years, Athens Medical Center has implemented innovations in various orthopeadic issues, such as sports injuries, hand injuries and disorders, microsurgery, spinal cord disorders and degenerative joint disease.  Athens Medical Center has offered us a unique opportunity to apply all current diagnostic imaging and surgical rehabilitation methods both in acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders. Thus, we are among the first in Greece to apply endoscopic joint surgery (arthroscopy) for knee and other joints’ problems (shoulder, ankle, elbow, wrist, hit), while we also use minimally invasive techniques for the hip by exploiting the potential of digital technology.  Finally, Athens Medical Group offers ongoing training opportunities through training seminars in all fields of orthopeadics.

Dr. Konstantinos Pantos, Scientific Associate of the Obstetrics-Gynaecology Clinic at GAIA underlined: " Greece is a point of reference and a Medical Tourism destination in IVF, as we have now couples from 30 different countries (e.g. USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Canada), who come to us because of the high-quality services we provide, the state-of-the-art technology and the low cost of treatment. Furthermore, it is fairly important to note the role of Greek legislation, which allows the use of techniques which are prohibited in other countries, such as anonymous egg donation (the donour is usually known in other countries) and surrogacy. Greece has been established as an international health tourism destination for these services and this is due in great part to the Athens Medical Group, which has undertaken concerted efforts in the field of medical tourism".

Finally, Dr. Antonios Ploumidis, Director of Center for Robotic & Laparoendoscopic Surgery, Urology - Andrology, at Athens Medical Center, stated: "In prostate cancer, early diagnosis in combination with the accuracy of robotic surgery have revolutionized treatment, having solved the problem definitely, respecting continence and erectile function. At the same time, in renal cell carcinoma, removal of the tumour allows preservation of healthy kidney tissue.  Minimal blood loss, single day hospitalization, quick patient recovery and little need for analgesia, are some of the confirmed advantages of robotic surgery. With over 10 years experience and having partnered with famous centers abroad, our clinic at Athens Medical Center have managed to shape the future of robotic Urology in Greece and Europe".

During the conference, you will see for the first time data from a large internationally acknowledged epidemiological study, which was conducted in Ikaria, an area with one of the longest life expectancies in the world. Preliminary data from the genetic background of adults from the island of Ikaria has demonstrated a differentiation in the telomeres, the ends of the chromosomes, which are linked to longevity.

The Conference is organized in cooperation with the Research Institute for Longevity and Prevention of the Diseases of Old Age. The participants will receive 18 CME-CPD credit points by the Panhellenic Medical Association, in accordance with the EACCME UEMS standards. An exhibition of pharmaceutical and other products will also be available in the conference areas and wil be open to all participants.


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