AMLI 2018: Important news about the future of health

AMLI 2018: Important news about the future of health

Important news about the future of health came out of the 2nd Athens Medical Leadership and Innovation Conference 2018, organised by Athens Medical Group. From 23 to 25 November more than 2.500 doctors, medical students, patient association representatives, insurance company representatives, from Greece, Russia, the Balkans, N. Africa, the Middle East, Cyprus and the former Soviet Republics, as well as many people interested in keeping abreast of modern trends in health, had the opportunity to listen to more than 250 speeches. A 75 member scientific committee had the responsibility for this multidisciplinary conference (General Clinic, Paediatrics, Nursing, Medical Tourism) in which more than 300 leading scientists from the Group participated, alongside their counterparts from Greece and abroad.

At the same time and in the context of a conference that has become an institution, more issues related to Medical Tourism and the position of Greece in an increasingly, globalised health service market were presented.  In addition to these key scientific and strategic matters concerning the overall future of Greece, this international conference has dealt with Brain Gain in the health sector, as well as the Group’s very important legacy to the specific sector, as the path has now been paved for leading doctors, Greek scientists to return to Greece, who amongst other things apply new, innovative interventional techniques. Moreover, another important conference session was that on protecting patient rights, which over recent years has become a matter of great importance and necessity.

The latest developments in health were presented in parallel conferences held in three halls, through an interdisciplinary, patient centred, integrated approach, whilst important news related to the future of health were also addressed and specifically:

  • Longevity is now a feasible target because of a better understanding and ability to influence key factors, such as stress, manifestation of malignancies and heart conditions and should be taken seriously in all macroeconomic studies and in planning the health care and insurance system.
  • The significance of a person based approach through the close cooperation of the scientific team and the family environment, by integrating the latter in the treatment before, during and after hospitalisation.
  • The instrumental role of reference centres in the effective treatment of conditions - sectors in which the Athens Medical Group has been innovating for the last 35 years.
  • The great importance of an interdisciplinary approach, with the creation of specialised groups of attending physicians, per condition.
  • Minimally invasive surgery has now become a major part of modern surgical science, predominating in the specialties of Surgery, Oncology, Cardiology, Orthopedics and Neurology. Another impressive development is non traumatic / bloodless surgery applied in the Athens Medical Group, in specific urological and heart conditions.
  • The digital era is here and in combination with artificial intelligence, digital and 3D imaging, big data analytics and the internet, the study and practice of healthcare are being dynamically transformed. Even though it is still far from being part of the actual clinical practice, it will in the future radically transform the delivery of health services and the Athens Medical Group is moving in this direction with specific strategic collaborations in this sector.

Dr. Vassili Apostolopoulos, CEO of Athens Medical Group, in his key address, underscored that: “given the transformation of the sector, on a global level, healthcare service providers are obliged to be the first to grasp modern developments and to invest in the future of health”.

After the end of the conference, Dr. Vassili Apostolopoulos, CEO of the Athens Medical Group stated:
“The spearhead of the Athens Medical Group’s strategy is organizing top-grade world level scientific conferences. The 2nd Athens Medical Leadership and Innovation Conference 2018 is now an institution amongst medical events, focusing on scientific excellence and innovation, sectors in which we have invested steadfastly throughout all these years. In the last 35 years, our Group is always one step ahead, in science, society and economy, with a steadfast person based focus. For the last 35 years, it has been innovating in Greece and abroad, leaving its indelible mark.   Our history is a guarantee in and of itself, ensuring that over the next 35 years we shall play a starring role, remaining the Greek focal point, which on the one hand will secure Greece’s position in the transformation of the sector internationally and on the other hand will be an enduring ally of Greek doctors, insurance companies and most importantly Greek patients”.

More information, as well as the complete Conference program can be found at:

In the centre, Dr. George Apostolopoulos, Chairman of the Athens Medical Group, on the right, Dr. Vassili Apostolopoulos, CEO of Athens Medical Group, on the left, Mr. Christo Apostolopoulos, Vice-Chairman of the Athens Medical Group

A snapshot from the Opening Ceremony of AMLI 2018

Dr. Vassili Apostolopoulos, CEO of Athens Medical Group

Mr. Christo Apostolopoulos, Vice-Chairman of the Athens Medical Group