Pre - Travel Services

How to contact us

You can contact us by filling out the contact form, or via email, skype or phone so that we may inform you, in your own language, about everything you need (case assessment, scheduling an appointment, financial information, visa requirements, accommodation and transportation information, etc.).

Case assessment

Our call center will contact you within 24 hours in order to request additional information, with confidentiality being a primary concern.

We will cooperate closely with you to gather your medical history and diagnosis, any radiology imaging and treatment recommendations from your current physician (if applicable) and all the relevant information will be forwarded– confidentially - to one or to a team of our medical experts.  Once the medical team has reviewed the information, we will suggest a diagnostic and /or treatment plan.

Once the physician has chosen the treatment plan, IPC will be informed, which will in turn provide you with information about:

  • Diagnostic plan
  • Treatment plan   (type – duration)
  • Clinical pathway
  • Recovery plan
  • Doctor’s CV
  • Estimated cost of treatment

When all the required procedures are completed, IPC will provide you with all the necessary information concerning your date of admission, the attending physician, and the contact details of the employee that will be assisting you. 

Visa requirements for travelling to Greece

Greece has a non-visa agreement with many countries, but there is still a long list of countries, whose citizens still need to apply for a visa prior to their arrival.

We will happily find out if you need to obtain a visa and will help you with the procedure.