Post - Treatment

After care while you are still in Greece

We are constantly interested in our patients' wellbeing, even after their discharge. Thus, we take care of all minor details in order to ensure that nothing will disrupt it.

Once you meet the discharge criteria specified for your case, you will be released. Your discharge plan will include instructions on how to take care of the wound dressings, what medications to take, what exercises to do, and other home care instructions. Before you go home, you should be thoroughly informed on what your limitations are and whether or not you will need special care, assistance, or equipment following your surgery.

One day before your discharge, you will be given written instructions in your native language for the post treatment plan and follow up by the attending doctor. 

On the day of your discharge, the attending doctor will visit you for any additional information or questions you may have and you will receive your patient’s card which will include your name, your attending doctor’s name, your personal assistant’s name, phone numbers and email of the IPC and your appointment review.

Also, you will receive translated in your native language:

  • Medical Record with the Medical report, Discharge Note, Medical Lab Results and Radiologists test.
  • Doctor’s prescription
  • Review instructions
  • Special diet (if needed)
  • Fit to Fly document (if needed)
  • Invoices

After care at your home country

Once you return home, the IPC will contact you (within 48-72 hours after discharge) on a follow-up basis to check on your general condition and assist you with any questions.

You will have free consultation via Skype with your attending doctor.

During your recovery, you will be able to phone or/and email the IPC for more information and assistance.