Patient safety

Patient safety is a strategic priority, relating to all hospital’s activities.

Our hospital undertakes patient safety initiatives, looks externally to accreditation bodies, patient safety organizations, and undertakes specific initiatives.

Furthermore, Athens Medical Center collects information and uses it to improve patient safety, compares its indicators to other like institutions and contributes to regional, national or international databases on safety.

Athens Medical Group has established a documented procedure, which describes the way in which Internal Inspections of the Quality Management System are carried out. Also, the inspections carried out from independent, not-for-profit organizations.

The Internal Inspections plan is detailed in the above procedure while care is taken so that the inspector’s independent opinion vis-à-vis the inspected party is safeguarded in all cases, while the selection of the Inspection Team is based on objectivity and impartiality criteria.

Patients’ Safety Goals

  • Identification of patients, specimens, and proof of practice
  • Safety hazards prevention, control and information accessible for international patients
  • Fire hazards prevention, control and information accessible for international patients
  • Radiology  and  nuclear  hazard  and  safety  program  including  information  accessible  for international patients
  • Blood bank hazards, safety protocols; screening process for blood donation and transfusion
  • Infection control and prevention
  • Handling of High Alert Medication (HAM)
  • Safety precautions for surgeries
  • Protocols for communication to reduce medical errors
  • Reducing risks of patients’ physical being
  • Ethical and transcultural issues concerning caring, curing and well-being.