Frequently Asked Questions

I’m facing a Health-related issue. What is your advice?

Your health is your most precious asset. You should only trust a leading medical team, bearing great experience and expertise, combined with top medical equipment. At the same time, you and your companions should travel easily, without complex procedures to annoy you. We believe that Greece and Athens Medical Group offer all these!

But, isn’t Greece under a crisis?

True, but crisis is all about national debt, not the level of services provided by companies in every Sector. Major companies and from all around the World are operating in Greece, including a lot of multinationals. Greece is a European Union country, and in many ways is on the brink of exiting the crisis. The provision of services is extremely professional, certified by leading global certification agencies. Furthermore, it is one of the safest countries in the World with strong friendship ties to your country.

Why should I trust Greece for my health?

Western medicine was founded in Greece by Hippocrates! Greece is the origin of many innovative scientific methods like the famous PAP test. Most Greek doctors have nowadays vast experience, not only from Greek Hospitals, but also from working in countries such as the US, the UK, Germany, etc. It is a modern country with great tradition in medicine, capable of providing solutions to any Health-related issue you are facing.     

It is my impression that many Russian prefer to be operated in top hospitals in Germany, Turkey, and Israel.

Where would you like to go? To one of the best hospitals in the World according to the Diplomatic Council, United Nations? Or rather the most modern hospital in the World according to Medical School of Imperial College, UK? And if this were the same hospital, located in Greece and named European Interbalkan Medical Center? How often do you get the chance to be treated by such a hospital, with state-of-the-art equipment, and top doctors of international experience?

What about tests, communication with doctors, transport, hospitalization, etc?

Leave this to us! Our International Patients Department is dedicated to providing you with assistance in everything you could possibly ask for. Our personnel speak your language very fluently since many of them are native speakers. They will make sure that your every need will be catered for and that you will receive your medical reports in your language so that you can provide them to your local doctor.

How much will it cost?

Consider your decision as the best investment you can make, both for you and your relatives. You will receive top medical care, total support from our administrative staff, crystal clear diagnostic results, assistance in your transport options and all this in your language. Our prices make sure that our services are provide extreme value for money and that no hidden expenses occur.

Why should I do a check-up? Everything is fine with my health.

Ancient Greeks abode by the famous Prevention is better than Cure! In simple terms it is wisest to frequently check our health looking out for the beginning of a problem than trying to encounter it after it has developed and deteriorated. From a financial point of view, this makes even more sense! A routine, very affordable, check-up can save you a lot of health-related problems and certainly a lot of money. So, don’t wait for a problem to occur, rather try to identify it as early as possible.

What if something goes wrong during a routine check-up?

Rest assured that you are in very good hands. Patients from 52 countries, all treated in our hospitals, would agree to that. Our only purpose is to improve your health condition and cure you. After having done that, we can suggest to you possible tourism destinations in Greece so that you can enjoy your vacation. Proper medical guidance will be given for you to follow during your vacation.