Athens Medical Group and Society

Solidarity and Offering are indispensable parts of Athens Medical Group’s culture. For 33 years, it has been one of the first Greek companies to include social contribution in its strategic pillars.

Specifically, as a top Healthcare services provider, Athens Medical Group consistently executes a multi-dimensional “Corporate Responsibility Program”, through which, it offers complete medical services in favor of patients and vulnerable members of the society.

The Corporate Responsibility Program includes organized individual programs, executed consistently every year, including actions that are part of our planning and address social needs.

International Offering

Since its beginning, Athens Medical Group has been continually supporting those in need, especially at times of humanitarian crises, on an international level.

The Group and its people, throughout the years, have organized or participated in humanitarian missions of aid in Armenia, Yugoslavia, Palestine, Kosovo and Pristina.

At the same time, it actively and consistently supports those in need who lack the financial resources, offering, where appropriate, medical services free of charge throughout all of its hospitals to adults and children from countries that have been hit by natural disasters or war, such as Iraq, Syria, etc.      

Vodafone Telemedicine Program

Since 2008, Athens Medical Group and Vodafone have joined forces for the telemedicine program, leveraging cutting edge technology to provide free access to high quality medical services to more than 500,000 residents of 100 remote areas.

More specifically, the residents of border areas included in the program can directly receive an opinion from the specialized doctors of Athens Medical Center, fast and without having to move from their place of stay. Since the program’s launch, a large number of tests has been executed, while many cases were severe and demanded surgery or further tests and follow-up.

11 years

100 remote areas throughout Greece

Since 2013, more than 5,700 residents of remote areas have been examined.

Since 2008, more than 32,000 tests have been executed.

Access to specialised medical services for 500,000 residents.

Medical Adoption Programs

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program, Athens Medical Group has been offering for the past 33 years medical care to “SOS Children’s Villages ” which has declared Athens Medical Group’s Chairman, Dr. George Apostolopoulos, Honorary Member and Great Benefactor. Specifically, Athens Medical Group offers treatment free of charge in its hospitals in Athens and Thessaloniki for babies, children and teenagers as well as SOS Mothers, for any health problem that may occur.

Moreover, Athens Medical Group’s medical adoption program includes medical services provision free of charge to “The Smile of the Child” as well.

Athens Medical Group continuously offers medical care to the residents of areas in the borders of Greece such as Ai Stratis island, Kiprinos municipality in Evros, and Fournoi Ikarias. The benefits include, among other, hospitalization free of charge at the Group’s hospitals for all children and teenagers as well as births free of charge in the Group’s Obstetrics Clinics for all women. The Group’s Chairman Dr. George Apostolopoulos has been declared as Honorary Citizen of these areas in the border of Greece.


By the side of local municipalities

Peristeri Clinic, focused on serving local municipalities, offers free cataract surgical treatments to the residents in need. In 2014, Peristeri Clinic offered free visits to physicians in Emergency care for all Peristeri residents who had suffered from October’s floods.

In much the same way, Paleo Faliro Clinic organizes day conferences with the participation of top doctors for a large number of medical matters such as prevention, breast cancer treatment, asthma, urology, etc. and it also offers free examinations. Furthermore, Paleo Faliro Clinic offers unlimited free examinations at the Emergency Department of the hospital for all residents of southern outskirts (Municipality of P. Faliro, Vari, Voula and Vouliagmeni).

European Interbalkan Medical Center participates in medical and educational missions to the islands of North Aegean. Residents are tested free of charge, while many of them take part in medical information sessions. At the same time, it offers free examinations to children and adults in need, in cooperation with NGOs and various groups, such as the Rotary Club Thessaloniki and the House of Culture and Social Solidarity “Aristotelis”. Personnel from Athens Medical Center and European Interbalkan Medical Center participate every year in blood donations.

Moreover, the Group supports every year Associations and Non-Governmental Organizations, such as ELEPAP and the Greek Society for the Protection of Autistic Persons.

Global Health Days

Athens Medical Group, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, offers an organized prevention examinations program, based on Global Health Days, either free of charge or at extremely reduced prices. Aim of the program is to point out the value of timely and valid diagnosis, to which everyone should have access to. Until today, thousands of patients have taken advantage of this program. They take advantage of Global Health Days to have their yearly screening tests done.


Close to Security Forces

Driven by an impetus for continuous support, Athens Medical Group always supports the Police, the Coast guard and others, through various activities, benefits, and other offerings.



Always by the side of Athletes, Athens Medical Group is proud to be the sponsor of top sports clubs and organizations, offering complete medical services to their thousand members throughout Greece and encouraging younger people to actively participate in sports activities.

Through all these years, sports, has been an inspiration for the Group and a pillar of its sponsorship activity.

Among the top sports clubs supported by the Group, are:

Olympiacos, AEK, PAOK, Aris, Panionios, Atromitos Athinon, Apollon Kalamarias, Peristeri Gymnastics Club, Aris Petroupolis, Paleo Faliro Athletic Club, Kimi Gymnastics Club, and popular federations, such as the Greek Tae Kwon Do Federation, the Greek Judo Federation, and the Greek Riding Federation.

At the same time, Emergency Medical Services units of Athens Medical Group always stands by professional and amateur athletes, offering medical coverage to sports events.